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Meetings are now both in-person and on Zoom. We will meet at the 425 Event Center The easiest parking is across from the Event Center.
District 6080 Governor Visit
New Members in the year of COVID 2020-2021
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5th Tuesday Social
End Polio Now-- We are very Close


Rotary started work on world wide eradication of Polio in 1985. Already over 1.5 Million lives have been saved. Rotary donates about $50 Million dollars to this program each year. Since 1985 Rotary has donated over $2.1 Billion to fight Polio. This year only Afghanistan and Pakistan still have some reported Polio infections. In 1985 there were over 1,000 new cases of Polio per day. Last year there were less than 400 new cases worldwide. And even with the Pandemic the # of new cases in 2020 was less than 2019. So far over 3 Billion children in 122 countries have been vaccinated for Polio.
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Rotary in the year of COVID.
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